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Kitchen Trends for Fall 2014

For most households, the kitchen is the hub and heart of the home.  It is where meals are prepared with love, friends gather to visit and drinks are served to celebrate.  Most days begin in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and end with a family meal discussing the events of the day.  This is the room that unites families and friends.

According to a Cambridge study, longevity increases when families cook and eat at home.  It is the place we learn our manners, conversation skills and connect with the most important people in our world – our families and friends.

2014 is the year to rejuvenate the center of your home — the kitchen.  Kitchen trends for 2014 include the following elements:

Decorative Lighting

Some designers are using fewer cabinets to create more open space for the use of decorative lighting such as chandeliers, task lighting and sconces.

Also, when upper cabinets are present, under cabinet lighting creates practical task lighting while preparing foods on the outer perimeter of the kitchen.  This is also is appealing late at night when brighter overhead lights are not necessary.  Choose incandescent lights or warm toned LEDs over harsh florescent lighting.

Use of Furniture in the Cabinetry Design

With the “recycle and repurpose” revolution taking place, designers and cabinet manufacturers are integrating heirloom pieces in the design and layout of the kitchen.  Often the furniture is a contrast finish and offers a “pop” of color.  It could be a rustic center island with a dark finish or a refurbished antique desk creating the perfect office nook.  These unique, custom pieces add a sense of nostalgia to the space while accomplishing a high end look.  With many folks trying to design on a beer budget, this accomplishes a way to serve a bit of champagne to be served “in the kitchen” at a beer budget.

Use of Natural Stone Backsplashes

Using natural materials in slab form is also becoming very popular.  With less upper cabinets above counters, there is more open space to showcase natural stones such as marble or travertine.  Many designers are choosing to use large slabs instead of smaller mosaic tiles for 2014.

Use of Natural and Rustic Elements in Ceiling Treatments

Designers and homeowners alike are choosing to add beams, brick and tongue and groove ceiling treatments.  The trend leans toward industrial/rustic but with added texture creating warmth in the kitchen.  This is a great way to add personality, style and use reclaimed materials

Kitchens Have a Case of “The Blues”

Throughout the spring and summer months many of the design magazines I subscribe to have included a “splash” of blue.  Fall 2014 implements blue as more than just an accent. Cabinets, islands, tile and accessories are being used ranging from sky to navy to turquoise blue.

From White to Black

Kitchen counter tops have gone from using primarily white to black.  This is good for those on a budget as many black granites are readily available and at a less expensive cost such as Uba Tuba, Black Pearl and Absolute Black.

Whether you are building a new home or revamping the one you currently live in, Schultz Carolina Custom Homes can work with you to uniquely design and build your dream kitchen.